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<about the book> 

A YA sci-fi missing-girl thriller set in a tech-overdosed dystopia, The Neons is Gone Girl meets Blade Runner and is book one in a planned trilogy.


When the daughter of the most prominent businessman in Xi goes missing, it triggers a chain of events that pushes the already chaotic city—an overpopulated metropolis in which everyone can alter themselves through installable mods—closer to societal collapse. Down in the city’s slums, Danny Cinder ditches his mundane day job to join a pair of reckless vigilantes on their hunt for the missing girl. Far above in the city’s high-rises, two young siblings, Aria and Noah Sharp, return home one night to find their mother bleeding to death on the floor. She tells them to run.


Both parties weave their way through the megacity, unwinding the threads of a massive conspiracy and eventually coming together to learn that both mysteries tie to a single enemy.

<character excerpts>

The air crackled and snapped loudly, and Emry appeared in front of him again, sparks dancing through her hair and down her arms. Glass windows shattered on either side of the street as she put a hand out to stop him.


“Tell me what’s going on.”


The motorcycle continued to accelerate, faster and faster like they were entering a rainbow wormhole. One small motion out of place and they would be disintegrated into different dimensions across the asphalt. 

Power. Use it.


The blackness stirred in Danny’s gut. 


“Mmm,” Cat nodded and stumbled her way back to the section with the chocolate bars. She grabbed one in red packaging, placing it in the drawstring bag.


I’m going to die.


Cat grabbed the whole container of chocolate bars and dumped them into her bag. Most of them missed, scattering across the tile floor. 



High technology, low society. The Neons is all chrome and colors, synths and lasers. 


Vivid imagery, dramatic settings, and characters designed for the big screen.


Prepare for intense action, and violent emotions. This is not a shallow adventure.


The Neons' parallel storylines are even more intricate than the maze-like City in which they take place.

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<about the author>

Dylan Wiseman is a recent BYU Marketing grad and author of his debut novel, The Neons. Though he grew up in Texas, Dylan spent the last of his teenage years living in the megacities of Japan, where each lanterned alleyway and chrome skyscraper inspired him to create an urban adventure. With a passion for the cinematic, Dylan prefers his writing to be served in large portions, in dimly lit rooms, and with an atmospheric soundtrack. Dylan now lives in Utah, where he is currently writing the next book in The Neons trilogy and daydreaming of trips to the far-flung corners of the world.


Dylan is represented by Analieze Cervantes at Harvey Klinger Literary Agency

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